Baobab publishing company for alternative children’s illustrated books was founded in 2000. We focus on publishing original texts and compelling translations. We cooperate with the upcoming generation of artists.




​Nadace Miroslava Šaška 



Book world ltd.

Company founded by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. Its main activity is the organisation of the annual Book World Prague Fair, the promotion of books and literature, and export of Czech books.



BBRIO is the publisher or highly illustrated editions of children’s classics and modern tales.  Since more than 20 years we have been cooperating with leading Czech and Slovak illustrators and exported our books to many countries around the world.


Euromedia group, a.s.

Stanislav Juhaňák – Triton Publishing House has been publishing books since 1991. It specializes in medical, psychological, philosophical, historical and pedagogical literature. As for popular literature, Triton publishes mainly biographies, science fiction, fantasy, and fairy tales.




Host has long been a prestige publishing house for fiction in the original Czech and in translation; It also publishes crime fiction and thrillers. In recent times Host’s portfolio has expanded to include SF and fantasy, YA and children’s books. Acclaimed original Czech works in the latter genres include Bertie and the Snuffler by Petra Soukupová, Julie and Words by Petra Dvořáková, Looking for a Star by Lenka Brodecká and Annie and the Berleps by Vendula Borůvková. Host publishes notable children’s books in Czech translation, too.



​Labyrint & Raketa

The Labyrint publishing, which has a longstanding reputation for high quality standards of publications, focuses on art books, fiction and comics. Sublabel Raketa is dedicated to children´s books.



Mladá fronta, a.s.

Mladá fronta has been active on the Czech book market since 1945. It counts among ten major publishers in the Czech Republic with more than 150 titles per year and focuses on international fiction and non-fiction, literature for children and adults.

www.mf.cz | www.kniha.cz


Petrkov Publishing House specializes in publishing children´s and young adult fiction. Pavel Čech, a Czech artist and illustrator from Brno, belongs to its main authors. He has won several prestigious Czech awards, namely Magnesia litera, Muriel and others. His books have also been published in Italy, Russia, Slovenia and France.



​Ottovo Nakladatelství, s.r.o.

OTTOVO develops original Czech encyclopaedic titles, atlases and dictionaries, as well as mass market non-fiction where it is known for its picture books, titles on history, plants, cooking and many others. It also produces many children titles, even adapted to folding books, sound books or puzzle books.








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