Albatros Media, a.s.

Albatros Media a.s. is the largest Czech Publishing group with the portfolio of 15 imprints covering every target group from children to seniors. The Flagship Albatros Imprint was established in 1949. The imprint B4U Publishing produces top quality children’s picture books for all international markets. The innovative formats of books are designed to rouse children’s imagination, encourage their development and boost their curiosity.


FINIDR, s. r. o.

Printing House FINIDR is the largest book producer in the central Europe with annual production of 24 million books and with 33 million Euro turnover. 80 % of production is exported. FINIDR is focused on offset printing, sheet-fed printing, B&W web press and high quality colour books and brochures. FINIDR: 5 language customer service, top quality, individual attitude, favourable prices, and short-term execution of orders and delivery dates.


​Labyrint & Raketa

The LABYRINT publishing house, which has a longstanding reputation for high quality standards of publications, focuses on art books, fiction and comics. Sublabel RAKETA is dedicated to children's books.



Book World Ltd.

(Svět knihy)

Company founded by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. Its main activity is the organisation of the annual Book World Prague Fair, the promotion of books and literature, and export of Czech books.



Nakladatelství Academia

The publishing house was established in the year 1953, formerly as the publishing house of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. The name Academia has been used since 1966. Today Academia has a leading position among publishers in the Czech Republic. Academia publishes original scientific monographs and works by Czech scientists, also foreign classics in science, popular science, non-fiction, encyclopaedias, as well as quality fiction in the original Czech and in translation.




Vutium Press established in 1996. Publishes in numerous editions - original and translated university textbooks, monographs, handbooks, scientific writings, presentable and special editions.



Publishing House

Host has long been one of the most prestigious Czech publishers, especially in the area of contemporary Czech fiction (Kateřina Tučková, Petra Soukupová, Jiří Hájíček, Jan Němec, Jakuba Katalpa, Antonín Bajaja, Matěj Hořava), translated fiction (Olga Tokarczuk, Fredrik Backman, Jeffrey Eugenides), crime novels and thrillers (Stieg Larsson, David Lagercrantz, Lars Kepler, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Peter May, Henning Mankell). Now Host publishes children's, SF, fantasy, and YA literature, too.


​Ottovo Nakladatelství

OTTOVO develops original Czech encyclopaedic titles, atlases and dictionaries, as well as mass market non-fiction where it is known for its picture books, titles on history, plants, cooking and many others. It also produces many children titles, even adapted to folding books, sound books or puzzle books.



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