Academia publishes original scientific monographs and works by Czech scientists, also foreign classics in science, popular science, non-fiction, encyclopaedias, as well as quality fiction in the original Czech and in translation.



Babyonline Publishing House: Founded by Medical doctor Jana Martincová for creating and publishing books for her own children. A unique trilogy of sexual education books (for the smallest children and for teenage girls and boys). The only truly comprehensive preschool preparation and a bestseller in the Czech Republic.



Euromedia Group, a.s.

EUROMEDIA GROUP publishes the most interesting books from all over the world, annually offering readers more than 700 new titles. EUROMEDIA GROUP owns the exclusive rights in the Czech Republic for publication of numerous top world authors, such as Agatha Christie, Liane Moriarty, Ken Follet or Paula Hawkins.



INFOA is a wholly independent publishing house based in the Czech Republic and it is dedicated to produce quality language and children materials. Founded in 1992, the company has enjoyed steady, rapid growth and currently has a list of over 1000 titles. INFOA language titles cater for both adult learners and children, at a wide range of levels and languages. In addition, INFOA’s list includes children’s board books, activity books, guides and colouring books for children as well as adults.


Lingea, s. r. o.

Lingea ranks among the most remarkable companies in the Czech Republic. Our love for languages in today’s globalized world constantly makes us strive to be number 1 in our field. We develop and publish the most comprehensive dictionaries, phrase books, tourist guides, grammar books, Speaktionaries etc. Currently, we are also bringing out a brand new series of modern language text books for major European languages. We are not just a publishing house but also a technological enterprise with the ability and know-how to change the world of linguistics.




Fraus Publishing is the biggest Czech educational publishing house, ranking among leading advocates of interactive education in the Czech Republic. It provides a complete ‘system in education’ including printed textbooks, electronic documents, educational portal, online exercising, pupil comparative tests and subsequent evaluation and a program of further education for educators from all the schooling system levels – primary and secondary schools as well as schools of languages.



Charles University, Karolinum Press

Karolinum Press, part of Charles University, publishes scholarly monographs, journals, and textbooks. Our independent series present prestigious publications on history and art history, language textbooks, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary series, including translations of foreign books focusing on literary science, history of culture, linguistics, and philosophy. Our special projects include books on Prague and Modern Czech Classics, particularly foreign language translations.


Mladá fronta, a. s. 

Mladá fronta has been active on Czech book market since 1945. It counts among ten major publishers in the Czech Republic with more than 150 new titles per year and focuses on international fiction and non-fiction, literature for children and adults.


Ottovo nakladatelství,
s. r. o. 

Ottovo nakladatelství is a traditional publishing house based in Prague, Czech Republic, with a subsidiary company in Bratislava, Slovakia. Its history reaches back to the late 19th century and it became well-known for its famous general encyclopedia (28 volumes, 1888–1909). After 1989 Ottovo nakladatelství has been reestablished and today continues in the original Jan Otto´s intention to publish books for wide public with the annual production of c. 150 titles in two languages, both original Czech and Slovak and translated.


PB tisk, a. s.

The PBtisk Company was founded in Příbram in 1990 by Pavel Baštář. Thanks to its customer-oriented approach and superior services, the company soon acquired a large number of happy customers and quickly grew. PBtisk a.s., currently has more than 180 employees, who produce about 3000 book titles every year.




Vutium Press was established in 1996. It publishes in numerous editions – original and translated university textbooks, monographs, handbooks, scientific writings, presentable and special editions.



Baobab is an alternative publisher of illustrated books for children. The publishing house was established in 2000 and specialises in publishing original and translated interesting texts in collaboration with the young generation of artists.


HOST - vydavatelství, s.r.o.

Host je již dlouho jedním z nejprestižnějších českých vydavatelů, zejména v oblasti současné české fikce (Kateřina Tučková, Petra Soukupová, Jiří Hájíček, Jan Němec, Alena Mornštajnová), přeložené fikce (Olga Tokarczuk, Fredrik Backman), kriminálek a thrillerů (Stieg Larsson, David Lagercrantz, Lars Kepler, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Peter May, Henning Mankell). V neposlední době publikuje Host také dětské knihy, sci-fi, fantasy a další.


HOST publishing house

Host has long been one of the most prestigious Czech publishers, especially in the area of contemporary Czech fiction (Kateřina Tučková, Petra Soukupová, Jiří Hájíček, Jan Němec, Alena Mornštajnová), translated fiction (Olga Tokarczuk, Fredrik Backman), crime novels and thrillers (Stieg Larsson, David Lagercrantz, Lars Kepler, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Peter May, Henning Mankell). Recently Host has been publishing also children´s books, sci-fi, fantasy, and YA.



Labyrint & Raketa

The Labyrint publishing focuses on art books, fiction and comics. The sublabel Raketa is dedicated to children’s books. Labyrint also publishes Raketa, an original children’s magazine.



Masaryk University Press

With 400 new titles of books and 50 scholarly journals published annually, Masaryk University Press is a prominent academic publisher in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to make open  to the public the research results and scientific findings from the university, to help to enhance the prestige of the university in the professional community and in the society at large, to maintain the quality and credibility of academic publications, and to build partnerships between publishers – especially from academia – at the international level.


Svět knihy

/ Book World Ltd.

Company founded by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. Its main activity is the organisation of the annual Book World Prague Fair, the promotion of books and literature and export of Czech books.



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