Academia publishes original scientific monographs and works by Czech scientists, also foreign classics in science, popular science, non-fiction, encyclopaedias, as well as quality fiction in the original Czech and in translation.




FINIDR s. r. o. printing house is one of the biggest producers of hardback and paperback books in Central Europe. One of our greatest assets is a range of top quality book binding, refinement of printed matters including special features and finishing processes.



Karolinum Press, part of Charles University, publishes scholarly monographs, journals, and textbooks. Our independent series present prestigious publications on the history and art history, language textbooks, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary series, including translations of foreign
books focused on literary science, history of culture, linguistics, and philosophy. Our special projects include books on Prague and Modern Czech Classics, particularly
foreign languages translations.




The Publishing Department is a special-purpose facility administering National Gallery Prague’s publishing activity in close cooperation with art historians, curators, lecturers, collections, and the Gallery's library. The department’s expert output is determined by its specialist focus. Apart from traditional printed matter–exhibition catalogues, collection inventories, guides, professional journals, conference proceedings, artist monographs – we also publish specialist books about art and related
fields (art theory and philosophy, museology, art history archives, etc.), books introducing the Gallery’s collections, and children’s books. Increased output by National Gallery staff (exhibitions, research, education, etc.) has also effected a substantial increase in the Department’s book production over the past few years. Books are published in foreign-language mutations, making them suitable items for interlibrary publication exchange, and presenting the Gallery as a developed institution.



Albatros Media Publishing house specializes in children’s books with original and innovative format wellknown around the world. Our books are playful like a toy and educative at the same time, aiming to develop young reader’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Novelty books, Picture books, Pop-up books, How-to-books, Non Fiction and Fairy tales.



Host has long been one of the most prestigious Czech publishers, especially in the area of contemporary Czech fiction (Alena Mornštajnová or Kateřina Tučková), translated fiction, crime novels and thrillers. Recently Host has
been publishing also children’s books, sci-fi, fantasy, YA 
and non-fiction.



Mladá fronta has been active on the Czech book market since 1945. It counts among ten major publishers in the Czech Republic with more than 200 new titles per year and it focuses on international fiction and non – fiction, literature for children and adults.




Euromedia Group (EMG) is one the the leading publishing houses in the Czech Republic with more than 800 new titles published in 2019, lts labels include Kalibr, Ikar, Odeon, Universum, Yoli, Esence, Pragma, Pikola, Listen, Laser and Brana. EMG is also the strongest book wholesaler in the country and operates a book club with more than 200 000 members as well. The company is a part of the roof company “Knizni holding” which has recently acquired the book store chain Luxor and book e-shops.



INFOA is a wholly independent publishing house based in the Czech Republic, which is dedicated to producing quality language and children materials. Founded in 1992, the company has enjoyed steady, rapid growth and currently has a list of over 1000 titles. INFOA language titles cater for both adult learners and children, at a Wide range of levels and languages. In addition, INFOA’s list includes children’s board books, activity books, guides and colouring books for children as well as adults.



The National Archives (until the end of 2004 the State Central Archive) is the central archive of the Czech Republic.
In particular, it takes care of valuable documents that have been produced as part of the activities of state, municipal and municipal authorities and their historical predecessors.



Ottovo nakladatelství is a traditional publishing house based in Prague, Czech Republic, with a subsidiary company in Bratislava, Slovakia. Its history reaches back to the late 19th century and it became well-known for its famous general encyclopedia (28 volumes, 1888–1909). After 1989 Ottovo nakladatelství has been reestablished and today continues in the original Jan Otto’s intention to publish books for wide public with the annual production of c. 120 titles in two languages, both original Czech and
Slovak, and translated.



Company founded by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. Its main activity is the organisation
of the annual Book World Prague Fair, the promotion of books and literature and export of Czech books.


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